Neurology in Profile

By Steve Barrett
Wednesday, May 1, 2019

The human and financial toll of neurological disorders is increasing as the U.S. population ages. Here are some key data.

The Cost of Dementia Care

Care for the roughly 7.5 million Americans with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia is exponentially more expensive because of the disabilities linked to those conditions.

$170 billion — Annual cost of Alzheimer’s-related care

$73 billion — Annual cost of care for non-Alzheimer’s dementias

The Alzheimer’s Juggernaut

Alzheimer’s disease represents the majority of dementia cases in the U.S.

Alzheimer’s — 70%

Other dementias — 30%

Schizophrenia and Suicide

About 4.9% of people with schizophrenia die by suicide, compared with about 0.01% of the overall population.

Crippling Impact of Stroke

The leading cause of long-term disability in the U.S., stroke claims about 140,000 lives annually. Below are some other troubling statistics.

  • Smokers face twice the risk of ischemic stroke as nonsmokers.
  • People with atrial fibrillation are approximately five times more likely than others to have a stroke.
  • Roughly 25% of stroke patients are under 65 years of age.

One in a Hundred

An estimated 3 million adults and 500,000 children in the U.S. report having epilepsy. That is slightly more than 1% of the population.